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Planter Sponsorship Program

SOLD OUT FOR 2022- Check back for 2023

As a Gift to the Residents of Sea Girt, the Holly Club purchased Azek, weather-resistant, planters in 2021. The New Planters allow for two different displays, Summer and Fall.  To be able to plant and maintain these Flowers and Ornamentals, we are offering Sponsorships to those of you who love having colorful Plants and Flowers throughout the town. There will be a Hand-Crafted Plaque on each Planter displaying the Sponsors Name.     


The Holly Club is offering 20 Planters on the Boardwalk, 2 Planters at the Sea Girt Lighthouse and 3 Planters at the Sea Girt Library to be Sponsored Annually. 


This Sponsorship will include: Summer Annuals Planted by Memorial Day, Fall Plants, A Sponsorship Plaque, Maintenance with Periodic Fertilizing.


The Total Planting Sponsorship Fee will be $300.00 for each Planter Annually. SOLD OUT FOR 2022


The following is the number of Planters at each location. Please note your #1 and #2 location choices.


Beacon Blvd: 3 Planters

Chicago Blvd: 3 Planters

Brooklyn Blvd: 2 Planters

New York Blvd: 4 Planters

Baltimore Blvd: 2 Planters

Philadelphia Blvd: 3 Planters

Trenton Blvd: 3 Planters

Sea Girt Library: 3 Planters

Lighthouse: 2 Planters 


All Sponsorships will be addressed on a first come first serve basis. One Sponsorship per Family or Business.


Please email: Laurie Fellini at with your commitment to sponsor a  Planter for 2022.


You must send a check immediately- made out to the Holly Club of Sea Girt to PO Box 84, Sea Girt, NJ 08750.


Once your email and check has been received than a Plaque will be ordered.


Once Committed, you may renew your Sponsorship annually. Payment is due each year by January 15th, beginning the first year after a Planter Sponsorship is issued.


The Plaque will be 3.5”x 8" single color face with routed white lettering staked into the dirt of the Planter. 

You must select 25 characters for the Plaque. Letters, Spaces and Punctuations counted.


If you as a Sponsor opts to No Longer Pledge the Annual Planting Fee, or Defaults on Payment by the Required Due Date, the Planter Plantings will Revert back to the Holly Club. 

Your Name will be removed from our list. Those on the Waitlist will get a Sponsorship opportunity. 


Planter Sponsorships is a Fundraiser for the Holly Club.


Thank you for your Support, Holly Club of Sea Girt

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