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Garlic Mustard Ready for Harvest in Edgemere Park

by Diane Anthony

Here's some info regarding a wonderful plant that is currently ready for harvest in Edgemere Park!

It is garlic mustard, an invasive biennial. If anyone would like to bring small bag and garden gloves, this is the perfect time to pick in Edgemere Park!

Pull up roots and also remove this invasive plant that doesn't allow native plants to survive there.

Organic pasta. Sauteed with olive oil and fresh squeezed lemon juice, just prior to serving. Also good sauteed with spinach, in soups, raw in salads, too!

Dual purpose...Healthy food and non-native invasive plant removal.  Must get root though.😉 Here is some additional info about this fantastic super food! Happy harvesting!

Additional Recipes can be found by visiting:

Interested in learning more about Garlic Mustard?

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